What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is anyone looking for the Christmas Grinch?

So I've always known that my husband was not a huge fan of Christmas - but I thought that this year might be different!
He detests shopping and always has, so I'm quite happy to do the entire lot. Generally I ask him if he has ideas for his family, and then I try and think of things for the rest (which is usually everyone bar his brother and father). His only input most of the time is in regards to the amounts. The less spent - the better in his eyes.
That's fine - off I go and do the shopping and then wrapping afterwards - It's never been a problem for me as my family has always enjoyed celebrating Christmas, and I love buying gifts for people!!!

So this year as you know we have a new baby - he'll be 10 weeks old come Christmas time and I have to say I'm really looking forward to it! My husband however......
I fully understand that my baby will not be able to remember this christmas and the presents he is getting, but it still means something to me.

My husband first said that we shouldn't get him anything because he won't remember as he is so little. He thinks we should just take two lots of photos next year, in two different outfits :)

I love real Christmas trees - even though yes they can be messy! My husband didn't want any tree at all!!!

He doesn't even think we should get a santa photo!

Arghhhhhh I feel so frustrated  - like the grinch is sucking all of the christmas spirit out of me! It's like a constant battle and I really want to make it special now that we have kids, I think it is exciting!!!

Anyways if anyone is looking for the grinch I know where to find him!!!!

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