What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teeth - you are ruining my weekend

I hate teeth.

There are many reasons why - I guess it goes back to being a child and having to visit that smelly dental van that came to your primary school.
Then when I had a massive toothache in high school and had to get a root canal.
Then again when I went on Christmas holidays to Merimbula and had a toothache for 3 days, couldn't sleep, eat, or see a dentist as Christmas and boxing day were on the weekend so the Monday/Tuesday were public holidays... my oh my I still remember that pain.

But most of all I hate teeth because of the little man. I can't stand seeing him in pain. This would honestly be the worst part of parenting by far. Seeing your child in pain breaks your heart. EVERY TIME.
He is such a happy bub most of the time, and generally gets through teething fairly well (or he did last time). But this time he has been dealt a cruel blow. This time he is getting 4 top teeth. At once. This has been happening for about a week and a half now. Little man will be happily playing and then all of a sudden screaming in pain. It's horrible.

Yesterday was the worst. B has been away with work this week so it makes it even more difficult (Respect to the parents who do this alone 100% of the time) because I'm the only one who can get up and console him. Teeth don't really care that I only had 2 hours sleep. Nor do they care that after trying to console him for an hour and a half (think constant screaming) I had to break my no co-sleeping rule. They also don't care that my baby is almost 10 kilos and is hard to restrain/hold tightly and cuddle.

I don't think the little man has fallen asleep in my arms since he was a wee little thing. But yesterday after crying his eyes out he did - bless him.

Ignore boobs - look at his poor red eyes :(
We don't have much planned this weekend thankfully but I do want to take the little man to the footy as he was ill last time we were going to go. Maybe this is a sign he isn't a footy fan!

So hurry the heck up please teeth! cut through and then leave the little man alone.


Friday, June 24, 2011

I love Tony.... and the mailman

Last month I celebrated my birthday :)

When I say celebrated I mean I woke up and little man was sick so B had to take the day off. I went to work and B didn't get me a present because he used up his good idea for Mothers Day (the negative to a birthday/mothers day in the same month I guess). However he did clean the house!

So when I received a birthday VIP email from Tony Bianco I decided I was owed a present. And with a 30% off birthday discount it hardly felt like spending!
Now I love Tony Bianco shoes - I am however a tightarse when it comes to buying shoes though as being a teacher my shoes do yard duty in mud/rain/heat so generally I buy cheapies for work and have some expensive staple shoes.
Last birthday I bought myself a pair of Tony Bianco flat brown boots to wear with leggings and dresses to work hmmmm I see a theme here......

So I bought them a couple of weeks ago online and today the postman came a knocking.......

Shiny white boxes........
I bought myself 2 new pairs. One of them is a little adventurous for me (the name of the shoe suckered me in).

The wedges I bought because they are blue! I haven't seen a whole lot of blue shoes lately so I thought they'd be a bit different to everyone else - and they are not black which I tend to stick to!

Front on view

The heel is pretty high........
My foot is a size 10 and I love the way these shoes look smaller - I hate being noticed for big feet.

see how the bottom of the shoe is smaller because the length of the foot is elevated in the heel ;)

I am in love
Now the second pair I bought were a sucker purchase as I mentioned before. I still love them - but they are very different from what i usually wear. I don't often wear heels so I can't imagine that these shoes will get 'worn out' but nevertheless I still love the different style. I feel very fashionable!

Ignore my jeans..... 
off centre
The photos are a bit crap - I was using self timer...but you get the idea.

So clearly you can tell how excited I am about my 'Birthday Presents'.

What was your latest exciting purchase? Anyone else loving Tony and the postman right about now?


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SAHM Vs Working Mum

Why is it that when we give birth we automatically inherit mothers guilt??
As I wrote about a while ago - I am back at work part time. 3 days a week. I'm a teacher so the hours are pretty reasonable, holidays are awesome and money isn't too bad but I hate leaving my little man.

So I'm wondering - is it just because he is 8 months old?and I feel like I'm missing so much or will I feel like this forever! guilt, guilt, guilt

I love it when I pick him up from daycare and he is so excited to see me :) but then I feel guilty that I haven't spent the day with him. Obviously when I think rationally I tell myself I'm working so that we can do more things as a family, have more money and be in a better financial position for the future but it still sucks.

I try to make the most of the days I have off by doing things with him, visiting other bubbas and friends but also love just staying at home and enjoying the simple moments we have.

I guess I just don't want to miss those 'firsts' with him.


Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday.

Playing along with My Little Drummer Boys

Little man wearing a MeGuy bib @ a birthday party :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet Me Monday

Here we are again - weekend done and dusted and the working week begins.
So I'm livening up my Monday by once again linking up with Java @ Never Growing Old for 'Meet Me Mondays' :)
So if you'd like to join in  - answer the five questions below and then link up your post to Java's.
Simple right?

Here we go!

This week's questions are;
1.  What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?
2.  Do you talk to yourself?

3.  What is your current relationship status?
4.  Do you have a garden?
5.  What is your favorite licorice flavor?

My Answers
1.  What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?
I guess normally I notice eyes/facial attributes. I love eyes. I think that you can tell a lot about someone from their eyes. B has strange colour changing eyes. Random fact there!

2.  Do you talk to yourself?
I do talk to myself at times - mostly it is when I am working and making mental lists etc. I like to talk it out first so I know what I need to do. They say you only have to worry about talking to yourself when you start to answer!

3.  What is your current relationship status?
I'm happily married to B :) We have been together for nine years this year!

4.  Do you have a garden?
Yes. But I cannot take a whole lot of credit for that. It was already landscaped when we moved/bought this place. I always have great intentions about having a vegie garden (I did successfully grow some tomatoes this summer) and love the idea of being self sustaining in that area but I am totally shit at gardening - excuse my language. Once I got B to buy me fencing and everything I needed for a vegie patch. He then dutifully built it all for me one weekend - then I put fertiliser too close to the seeds and nothing grew. FAIL. I do love the idea of using my own fresh ingredients from the garden for cooking so maybe I need to get busy and take a class or read up on the net!

5.  What is your favorite licorice flavor?
I absolutely hate black licorice, aniseed, those black jelly beans and licorice bullets or allsorts. Yeah pretty much any black licorice. I do however like raspberry/strawberry flavoured licorice twists, the ones you get from Darrell Lea. But licorice is definitely not my first choice for a lolly!


Gym revival #6834

Okay so a new week is beginning and I am attempting to going to start utilising my gym membership. Yep I've been paying a ridiculous amount per week since I tried to motivate myself a while back.

I got B to get me a wii fit for Christmas.... hmmmm not so much use out of that. I just find it hard to juggle work/little man/running a household. I know I'm not the only one but arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I just want to get healthy etc.

No more bad food. Exercise EVERY day.

I start tomorrow.

So this is a very short post. Mostly it's about me being accountable. I am accountable to you! Tomorrow I'm going to weigh myself and do some measurements etc. Changes will be a happening ;)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend


Saturday, June 18, 2011

My beautiful Holly Girl xoxoxo

Today was one of those days - I was out the back pottering around (actually checking to see if I have any more  tomatoes growing- minor miracle there!) and I saw the ribbon B tied around Holly's plant.
This is a different kind of post - a sad one for me. About Holly. My poor Holly Girl.

This is Holly. She was a beagle puppy that I bought for B for his birthday one year - many moons ago - very early in our life together, I think 2004. We were planning on moving out with a friend from uni, but the move was still a few weeks away when we bought Holly. B's parents were less then thrilled to put it nicely, so we shacked in with my grandparents for a couple of weeks as Holly wasn't welcome anywhere else...

Holly became such an important part of our lives - I know there are some people who don't get it. Why we were so upset when we lost her.  Honestly I was probably one of those people until last year. But I guess all I can say is that she was like our baby - She slept on our bed, followed me everywhere around the house, always wanted to be close to B and myself. We took her everywhere with us, and when we lost her we were devastated. Still are actually. I have tears writing this now.

Holly was always a bit mischievous - but not in a totally bad way. Yeah she wrecked a few things, chewed a few pairs of shoes and dug holes. Mostly she just sniffed out any food that was available and demolished it. Once I came home from work and let her inside and she just flopped to the ground, literally not even able to get up she was that FAT. I looked outside and realised that B had accidentally left the entire container of dry food out there that morning..... let's just say that most of it was gone and that Holly looked like a keg on legs.

There are so many things I could write about her, stories that you may or may not find funny/sad/entertaining but mostly tonight I want to let out a bit of the guilt that I feel every time I think of that day in June last year.

 I guess to explain what happened I need to fill in the details of the previous few days. Our house has a double garage attached. The garage has a single roller door at the back of the garage that leads to an undercover carport (where B used to store the boat before the robbery). There is a gate at the back of the carport that leads to the grassed area of our yard. When we had Holly we always kept this gate closed. Never ever ever ever would we have the gate, the single garage door, the double garage door open at the same time.

Last year - the week that we lost Holly, there were some fierce storms in our area. The kind that they tell you to secure everything in your yard. Strong storms. So on the Wednesday night B and I were sitting in our lounge room watching some TV and we couldn't hear a thing because of the storm. It was blowing this horrible wind that was causing the gate (which is quite heavy) to bang and shake. The noise was REALLY annoying. I was 5 months pregnant at the time so I stayed inside whilst B went out and opened the gate and secured it to the house to alleviate the noise. No big deal really. We continued with our night and probably my TV addiction :)

I'm not sure if I have mentioned that B is a fisherman. A sponsored angler, so he often fishes competitions which require him to take his boat and be away for the weekend. So on the Thursday evening B opened the single garage roller door at the back so he could access his boat and charge the electric motor etc.ready for a comp that he had coming up the next day.

Friday morning comes around. B and I usually leave around the same time for work - but if we don't whoever leaves first always shuts the garage door (electric button) as they leave. Always. Except on Friday 18th June 2010.

B was in the garage as I piled my stuff in the car - he was doing the same, putting his bag and laptop in his car. Every morning we had the same routine,  Holly and also Malibu and Roxy (the kittens) put outside just before we leave. So this day, I open the garage and say goodbye and hop in my car, leaving B standing with his car. I assume (and yes assumption IS the mother of all fuck ups), I assume that he is leaving straight away too. So I drive off but don't press the button to close the garage as I can see him in there. He was in fact going to leave, but had forgotten to brush his teeth - so he ducked back inside for maybe 2 minutes.

So it started out as any other day until about 12:45pm. I get a call on my mobile from the local ranger in my area. She calls and tells me that Holly is out the front of our house. WTF I think? How did she get out? The fences are so high? The ranger tells me that my next door neighbour tried to coax her into his garage but she wouldn't go. She also says that the ranger has tried to catch her but can't. She says that Holly is just hanging around the front of the house and asks i there is someone who could come and get her/let her in to the yard as they cannot find how she has escaped. So I email B. He works 8 minutes away.

I have actually just been emailing him and he has replied - but when I send him subject R U THERE - EMERGENCY. I get no reply. So I call his work and receptionist says she will find him, as I tell her why I need to speak with him. He calls maybe 5 minutes later and I tell him the situation. He says he will leave work and go and let her in. We joke about how clever she is having avoided being caught by the ranger. Saving us $$. So B goes and tells his boss and then leaves work. At this point I am also telling a coworker about what happened and joking about Holly's avoidance of the ranger.

B leaves work - it takes 8 minutes to get home. He is about 3 minutes away when he gets a call from his mum. She says she had been contacted by the Vet - Holly is there. B assumes that they have caught her and taken her there as it is quite close to our house. So he goes there instead of home to get her.

He walks in and the lady comes and does the usual 'How can I help you?' He says that he is here to pick up his dog, Holly, a beagle. She doesn't smile - her face tells it all. He knows.

I call him about 20 minutes later. He answers and I ask 'Did you let her in? Is she okay?' not knowing that he is at the vets. I still think that he has gone home to let her in. 'Not really' he answers. 'What do you mean not really?' he stutters - some silence. 'I don't want to tell you on the phone' 'just tell me B. Is she okay?' 'No babe, she's gone' his voice breaks and I know that he is trying not to cry, not to let me hear the sadness in his voice. The conversation from there I can't recall. I know I made him tell me what had happened, even though he didn't want to. He knew how upset I'd be and he knew that I'd probably react a million times worse being a hormonal pregnant woman!.

I drove home from work and cried the whole way. I mean balled my eyes out - It probably wasn't safe for me to drive I was that much of a mess (Hence B not wanting to tell me over the phone). I got home and literally B and I cried. and cried. We couldn't beleive that it had happened. We still don't know why/how it exactly did.

The vet told B that Holly had been hit by a car. A doctor. He bought her straight to the Vet (it was across the road) but there was nothing they could do. When B got there they took him into see her and she was still warm to touch. It had only just happened. This plagued us. We 'if only' and 'what if' ed a lot in those first few days. What if I'd shut the garage, what if B had shut the gate, what if he'd left work 2 minutes earlier, what if, what if.

Clearly it's a mistake that we can't fix - It is still probably the worst weekend of our lives so far. And yep - if you don't have a pet that you have treated like a member of the family you probably don't understand this post. We had so many plans for the little man and Holly :( It still makes me teary each time I think about it.

So Holly - It's 12 months today since you passed away. We are still sorry....... every single day. We miss you more than you will ever know.


PUSH - Shoes

I've been meaning to post this all week - but life got in the way!

So here we are playing along with Dani @ HelloOwl. The idea is to push your photography and creative skills to the max! Then link back up with HelloOwl and check out the other blogs that are joining in this week!

This weeks theme: SHOES

It's not the best quality pic - but you get the idea of what I was going for. A certain someone was trying to hit/push/grab/kick the camera so it was a little challenging to get the picture!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flowers, pretty flowers.

Once upon a time I received a bunch of flowers for my birthday. They were pretty. But I made a mistake. One that B is still punishing me for reminding me of :)
We were away, staying in a caravan for the weekend of my birthday when I received the flowers, and I didn't have any vases to put them in. B and I had only gone away for a few days and were returning home on the day of my birthday and so I thought I'd wait to get home to put them into water. That was the first mistake.

Then we got home and excitedly I put down everything in the lounge room even the flowers. Then my parents took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and when we got home I went to sleeeeeep.

My little sister ended up putting the flowers into water for me. To B this was significant. He didn't believe me when I said I simply forgot to put them in a vase. Which I honestly sort of did. Anyways I did feel guilty about it. He was really upset that I hadn't looked after the flowers.

So since then I haven't received any bunches of flowers at all from B. I really miss that occasional surprise that I used to get -  mind you it has been over 6 years! I get kind of jealous when others share their stories of getting flowers. I wish I could rewind the clock and put them in water!!!
It's been a long time - obviously he isn't upset about it anymore. He says it's the principle of it. He's very stubborn huh!

* B does give me a rose on our anniversary. One for each year of marriage :) So that's sweet.

Help me - What do you think I can do to change B's mind? Is there any hope of me getting flowers again?
Do you have a similar story? Is your partner stubborn?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eeerily quiet in here tonight....

Wow - so tonight is the first night our little man has slept away from us. It's so quiet in this house that it is scary ahaha.

My sister turns 21 tomorrow - and what did she want? A day with my little man :) Seriously I can understand that! He is tooooo cute. He usually spends tomorrow with my mum anyways so instead of her coming here to look after him he is staying the night there and my sister will bring him back tomorrow afternoon.

B and I are kind of lost without him. 8 months of putting our little man to sleep and going through our nightly routine it feels so strange not to have him in the house. B even emailed me from work today to say 'What are we going to do tonight? I  miss him already!'. I thought that was really cute!

So at work today people were asking what I was going to do with my night off and B got the same questions. So when we got home we decided to go out for dinner. Not because we wanted to really - just so as we'd have something to say when people ask tomorrow. How strange is that!

I cannot beleive how much stuff I had to pack for him for a one night stay! Food, clothes, bottles, bedding, bath stuff, nappies, toys..... it was like 4 bags worth!

So here I am feeling lonely in this big house and wondering... What do you do when your kids aren't around?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Man on the camera...

Here is an accidental self portrait taken by the little man.

We are having a cruisey day at home and I'm trying to get some pics of him.... he has other ideas! He grabbed the camera and this is the result. I kinda like it :)

It is a little freaky with almost not being able to see his nose! - That's what happens when an almost 8 month old is grabbing the camera!!


Meet Me Monday :)

Happy Monday Guys!
For those of you who like me are enjoying the Queens Birthday long weekend, I hope you haveing a great one.
I'm linking up with Java over at never growing old and joining in with the Meet Me Monday game. So if you'd like to play along answer the following questions and then link it back here :) Then have a peek at some new blogs!


1.  What is your favorite yogurt flavor?
2.  Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??
3.  How is the weather right now?
4.  Are you a fast typer?
5.  Red or White Wine?

My Answers 
1.  What is your favorite yogurt flavor?
My favourite yoghurt flavour is any kind of berry flavored. Especially strawberry but not with too many chunks in it. My one time absolute favourite is the gippsland dairy twist. God they are delicious. If you haven't tried it I suggest you do! Yuuuuum..... Makes me want one now actually!

2.  Ankle or knee socks? and on the same theme, white socks or coloured??
I'm all about the ankle socks, unless I'll wearing business pants for work - then I try to find a pair of black mid length ones.  As for the coloured/white part I think mine are mostly white, but have coloured logos and designs on them. Most of my socks are sporty ankle ones that I got when I worked at Rebel Sport - Thank you staff discount!!

3.  How is the weather right now?
Today in Melbourne it actually looks really nice  the sun is streaming through my glass doors and warming me as I sit here blogging - however I'm sure if I opened the door and stepped outside it would be chilly! I'm pretty sure the forecast said a top of about 13 degrees Celsius :)

4.  Are you a fast typer?
I'm not professional fast or anything but I do type at a reasonable pace. I don't really touch type though I mostly have my eyes on the keyboard (and then go back and fix all my spelling errors afterwards).

5.  Red or White Wine?
White Wine. I'm actually fairly tame when it comes to wine. I like Moscato - particularly Brown Brothers :) Pretty much if it tastes sweet and there isn't a whole lot of an aftertaste then I like it.... Yep I'm a wuss.  Red wine doesn't really do it for me although I will admit I haven't tried many at all!

Join in!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday

I had some awesome plans for today.
B and I were going to take the little man to see his first AFL game and I was super excited about it. He has the cutest beanie and little Carlton jersey. Seriously looks so cute I could eat him (For those on FB - you probably know the pic I am referring too!)

But as you have probably guessed we didn't make it to the game. About 11:30 last night the little man awoke happy as larry. B was already asleep so I got him up did a quick change and put some teething gel on him (His FOUR top teeth are coming through) and was about to put him back down when..... KAPOW!!! He did his first ever projectile. Literally covered me :( I have photographic proof! The only good part about it was that I was wearing B's jumper :)

So we changed him and put him back to sleep and he slept perfectly until 7:30 this morning. B got him up so that I could have a sleep in. I heard the little man grizzling a little but I slept through somehow. Anyways I woke properly at around 10 and checked my phone to see two texts from B asking me to come and help. I came down to the lounge and saw my little man snuggled up asleep on B. Which would have been really cute except he was super sick.

So my beautifully planned trip to the footy was replaced with nursing, cuddling and trying to keep my gorgeous little mans temperature down. He had a few big sleeps and didn't go off his food/drink which was good but inevitably it was a long and exhausting day - As all of the parents reading this would know.

I would so much rather be 10 X sicker myself and just take away his pain - It's so horrible when they are so sick that they lose that spark from their eye :( Parenting at it's worst!
Thankfully he is much better tonight and I'm hoping that he continues to get better tomorrow.
So much for a fabulous long weekend!!!!!

Hope you are all having a better one!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Mum and a few other things.....

This week I'm grateful for a few things.

1. Chicken Parmas
Weird I know but I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to eating a chicken parma for dinner tonight. The familiarity and the comfort of it.... Yum

2. Music
I put on Channel V this morning and had a great time listening to some tunes. Yep I sang and may have even danced a little too. Music takes me to so many different places and triggers so many memories. It's nice.

3. Long weekends
I love that I still have 2 more days to spend with my little family.

The fourth, final but also the most important one is my Mumma.
My Mum had a heart attack last week which really shocked us all. She has had a few health problems over the last 4 years, but this was really serious. I am grateful that she is still here with us, that she can still see the little man growing, laughing and learning every day. That she is still here to support me and to just be my Mum :)

Join in with Maxabella here

Have an awesome weekend xx


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why do TV shows suddenly make me cry?!?

I'm not sure if I have admitted this here yet but I am a TV ADDICT :)
To the point where I download episodes from America because I honestly cannot wait for them to be aired here. I probably download 8 or 9 shows per week? Although since having the little man to demand pay attention to - I rarely have time to watch them.

When I was pregnant with the little man, B and I went through a Criminal Minds phase. We borrowed the DVD's from B's parents and watched 2-3 episodes a night. We loved it - However we still have 2 seasons to watch. Post birth - I just can't watch them. ALL episodes involving children freak me out. If anyone has watched the show they will understand what I mean, sometimes it is really graphic. It's kinda scary.

It also makes me wonder where the writers get all their ideas from? Some of those story lines are pretty horrific.

So tonight we are sitting here and Grey's Anatomy is on TV - There's a character that is pregnant and has just been injured in a car crash. So I have seen this episode (downloaded about 2 months ago) and yet still I burst into tears! It seems like any show where there are pregnancy issues or sick/injured children seem to devastate me. Is this normal? Do other parents feel the same?
I know that other people are finding it sad - I have friends with Grey's status on Facebook and Twitter - but I wonder if they are as teary as me?

Maybe I have to toughen up :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Centrelink WTF????

Is it just me? or do we need some sort of special brain to understand all these childcare percentages and all that?

Honestly. I get my % amount - then somehow try and work it out, but nope I'm not even close. Blahhh this probably doesn't even make sense! it is frustrating me not being able to work it out!

When I spoke to the childcare centre they said the percentage is worked out on the amount of $3.34 or something like that. Well I'm glad the little man only goes a couple of days a week because it is so over my head.

Anyways - short and sweet vent here.



Can we move? Please :)

B and I are thinking about moving.

I love our house - but with the little man working towards becoming more mobile I'd like some more space. I also want to be able to have a backyard for him to go a little crazy in! At the moment we have a small landscaped yard with a deck. Not really enough room for a little boy to play on swings etc.

So begins the dilemma. I think I'd like to keep this place and rent it out (as it is very low maintainance) but in order to do that we would have to find a bigger place for rent. We probably want to stay in the same area - just upgrade on space :)

Obviously I don't want to be losing money - it would be awesome to be able to rent/rent out our place for the same amount. So now starts the research process! Any tips??

I'm thinking we also need to look at a property management company? I really want to protect myself from any hassles. So it is kinda exciting but scary at the same time. I'm hoping it will also help us get into a better financial position too! thinking of tax breaks etc. But honestly I don't know how that all works! Research research I guess!

If any of you have any advice hit me up ;)

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