What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Flowers, pretty flowers.

Once upon a time I received a bunch of flowers for my birthday. They were pretty. But I made a mistake. One that B is still punishing me for reminding me of :)
We were away, staying in a caravan for the weekend of my birthday when I received the flowers, and I didn't have any vases to put them in. B and I had only gone away for a few days and were returning home on the day of my birthday and so I thought I'd wait to get home to put them into water. That was the first mistake.

Then we got home and excitedly I put down everything in the lounge room even the flowers. Then my parents took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and when we got home I went to sleeeeeep.

My little sister ended up putting the flowers into water for me. To B this was significant. He didn't believe me when I said I simply forgot to put them in a vase. Which I honestly sort of did. Anyways I did feel guilty about it. He was really upset that I hadn't looked after the flowers.

So since then I haven't received any bunches of flowers at all from B. I really miss that occasional surprise that I used to get -  mind you it has been over 6 years! I get kind of jealous when others share their stories of getting flowers. I wish I could rewind the clock and put them in water!!!
It's been a long time - obviously he isn't upset about it anymore. He says it's the principle of it. He's very stubborn huh!

* B does give me a rose on our anniversary. One for each year of marriage :) So that's sweet.

Help me - What do you think I can do to change B's mind? Is there any hope of me getting flowers again?
Do you have a similar story? Is your partner stubborn?

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