What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eeerily quiet in here tonight....

Wow - so tonight is the first night our little man has slept away from us. It's so quiet in this house that it is scary ahaha.

My sister turns 21 tomorrow - and what did she want? A day with my little man :) Seriously I can understand that! He is tooooo cute. He usually spends tomorrow with my mum anyways so instead of her coming here to look after him he is staying the night there and my sister will bring him back tomorrow afternoon.

B and I are kind of lost without him. 8 months of putting our little man to sleep and going through our nightly routine it feels so strange not to have him in the house. B even emailed me from work today to say 'What are we going to do tonight? I  miss him already!'. I thought that was really cute!

So at work today people were asking what I was going to do with my night off and B got the same questions. So when we got home we decided to go out for dinner. Not because we wanted to really - just so as we'd have something to say when people ask tomorrow. How strange is that!

I cannot beleive how much stuff I had to pack for him for a one night stay! Food, clothes, bottles, bedding, bath stuff, nappies, toys..... it was like 4 bags worth!

So here I am feeling lonely in this big house and wondering... What do you do when your kids aren't around?

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  1. Sleep. Watch something you've wanted to watch but couldn't. Talk about him, because you will, but enjoy having some time to yourselves.


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