What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday bloody Sunday

I had some awesome plans for today.
B and I were going to take the little man to see his first AFL game and I was super excited about it. He has the cutest beanie and little Carlton jersey. Seriously looks so cute I could eat him (For those on FB - you probably know the pic I am referring too!)

But as you have probably guessed we didn't make it to the game. About 11:30 last night the little man awoke happy as larry. B was already asleep so I got him up did a quick change and put some teething gel on him (His FOUR top teeth are coming through) and was about to put him back down when..... KAPOW!!! He did his first ever projectile. Literally covered me :( I have photographic proof! The only good part about it was that I was wearing B's jumper :)

So we changed him and put him back to sleep and he slept perfectly until 7:30 this morning. B got him up so that I could have a sleep in. I heard the little man grizzling a little but I slept through somehow. Anyways I woke properly at around 10 and checked my phone to see two texts from B asking me to come and help. I came down to the lounge and saw my little man snuggled up asleep on B. Which would have been really cute except he was super sick.

So my beautifully planned trip to the footy was replaced with nursing, cuddling and trying to keep my gorgeous little mans temperature down. He had a few big sleeps and didn't go off his food/drink which was good but inevitably it was a long and exhausting day - As all of the parents reading this would know.

I would so much rather be 10 X sicker myself and just take away his pain - It's so horrible when they are so sick that they lose that spark from their eye :( Parenting at it's worst!
Thankfully he is much better tonight and I'm hoping that he continues to get better tomorrow.
So much for a fabulous long weekend!!!!!

Hope you are all having a better one!

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