What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Friday, June 24, 2011

I love Tony.... and the mailman

Last month I celebrated my birthday :)

When I say celebrated I mean I woke up and little man was sick so B had to take the day off. I went to work and B didn't get me a present because he used up his good idea for Mothers Day (the negative to a birthday/mothers day in the same month I guess). However he did clean the house!

So when I received a birthday VIP email from Tony Bianco I decided I was owed a present. And with a 30% off birthday discount it hardly felt like spending!
Now I love Tony Bianco shoes - I am however a tightarse when it comes to buying shoes though as being a teacher my shoes do yard duty in mud/rain/heat so generally I buy cheapies for work and have some expensive staple shoes.
Last birthday I bought myself a pair of Tony Bianco flat brown boots to wear with leggings and dresses to work hmmmm I see a theme here......

So I bought them a couple of weeks ago online and today the postman came a knocking.......

Shiny white boxes........
I bought myself 2 new pairs. One of them is a little adventurous for me (the name of the shoe suckered me in).

The wedges I bought because they are blue! I haven't seen a whole lot of blue shoes lately so I thought they'd be a bit different to everyone else - and they are not black which I tend to stick to!

Front on view

The heel is pretty high........
My foot is a size 10 and I love the way these shoes look smaller - I hate being noticed for big feet.

see how the bottom of the shoe is smaller because the length of the foot is elevated in the heel ;)

I am in love
Now the second pair I bought were a sucker purchase as I mentioned before. I still love them - but they are very different from what i usually wear. I don't often wear heels so I can't imagine that these shoes will get 'worn out' but nevertheless I still love the different style. I feel very fashionable!

Ignore my jeans..... 
off centre
The photos are a bit crap - I was using self timer...but you get the idea.

So clearly you can tell how excited I am about my 'Birthday Presents'.

What was your latest exciting purchase? Anyone else loving Tony and the postman right about now?


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