What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Handmade Goodies - Pay it Forward

So here we are in 2011 - What a year it has been so far!

I'm still fairly new to the whole blogging thing - but I am enjoying being a part of the blogging community, even if I'm too chicken to tell my friends about my new found hobby.
In order to get more 'involved' I have decided to take part in the 'Pay it Forward' task for 2011.
I thought about this for a few weeks after seeing it on Becky's blog and I didn't think I could participate as I really don't know if there are even 5 people reading this blog....... but I have decided to show some faith.

I have no idea what the handmade item will be - Maybe I can take a class or something during the year so that it is worthy! I have a whole year to become crafty ;)

So here goes :)

"I promise something handmade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here.
However, to be eligible, you must repost this message, offering something handmade to 5 other people. The rules are that it must be handmade by you, and it must be sent to your 5 giftees sometime in 2011. Ready, set, GO!"

Obviously I'm putting it out there - and like Becky said a few weeks back - Embarrassment might follow if there aren't 5 comments! but I'm give it a go!


Friday, January 14, 2011

Breastfeeding Story - Guest blog on Goochi Ma :)

I wrote this blog for Goochi Ma and I thought I'd post it on here too. Head over and have a read of the other Breastfeeding stories too. I found it really interesting reading about other girls experiences.

My Breastfeeding story – Thus far

As part of my pregnancy classes, my husband and I attended a ‘Breastfeeding’ class. The midwife who was giving us this information was so ‘pro’ breastfeeding it was ridiculous. I had always intended to breastfeed but the information she gave us and the way she delivered it made me feel as though any other option would put my son at a significant disadvantage.

The birth of my little man didn’t go as I had hoped/planned for and he was born by emergency c-section. I spent the first few minutes with him and my husband before they were taken up to the room and I was taken to recovery. As soon as we were told I needed a c-section my heart sank. The information that we had been given had made me think that without that skin to skin contact directly after the birth the chance of me being successful with breastfeeding was not good.

I ended up being wheeled into my room 90 minutes later still fairly groggy from the spinal block and the nurse asked whether I was ready to feed him. Honestly at that point I could hardly feel anything and had been awake for almost 48 hours – I really wasn’t that into feeding him.
My little man on the other hand had different ideas. He was born 3.992kg and he was hungry!! He had been nursed by my husband and my parents for the past 90mins and had been rooting around for the breast the whole time. So he pretty much latched on straight away without any assistance. I can’t remember how long he was on there for but the nurse was telling me he was doing a great job. Later that night when everyone had gone home and me and the little man were asleep, I was awoken by the sound of him choking. Panicking because I had a catheter in and wasn’t supposed to lift him it was decide by the nurse that she would take him out and watch him for a few hours while I slept as he was full of mucous. She hand expressed my breast so that she had a feed to give him. I think she got about 3mls of colostrom out for him and at the time she was telling me that was a big amount.

We were in hospital for 6 days. During this time he would feed every 2 hours or so and each feed would last for 1 hour. My milk didn’t come in till day 4. So for the first few days it was rare that he would settle. I cried. He cried. Especially when I was alone. It was just so hard and I kept thinking to myself that no one had told me it was going to be this hard – maybe I was doing it wrong?

One night in hospital he cried for hours. They just kept telling me to put him on the boob and it will be fine. Then when I changed his nappy I found what looked like blood and it turned out he was dehydrated and when they weighed him he had lost 270grams. They then told me he maybe wasn’t getting enough so to give him formula top ups. I had to sign forms to say this was okay and I felt so guilty about it. Everything I’d been told at those classes informed me that this was going to be bad for him. Well the first time the nurse fed him the formula he guzzled 20mls without taking a breath. Over the next few days I would feed him from the breast (shaping it and swinging it into his mouth) then top him up with formula. I also expressed and used that for top ups as well. I believe that because he was given these bottles of formula from 2-6 days old that this has helped with him being happy to take bottles of EBM so easily. I will say though there were some nurses who were very supportive of giving him top ups. There were others who made me feel like crap for even asking for the formula. I hated the inconsistency. He was dehydrated , and they were still frowning upon it!!

Since we have been home I haven’t had to give him any formula. My milk came in really well and once I started trusting my body I felt a lot better about feeding him. The first few weeks were hard, spending so long feeding was mentally and physically draining but I’m glad I did it. I have been pretty lucky I think, I used nipple shields for about a week on the right side, but for the most part he has latched on well. Almost every night that we have been home he has also been fed a bottle of expressed milk by my husband (even though I was told at that class that this would be the WRONG thing to do) which in those early weeks allowed me to have some extra sleep.

When I first started expressing I’d get between 20-40mls, now I can get up to 200mls. We give him a bottle of expressed milk every night before bed so we can measure what he is having. I always have expressed milk in the fridge so that I can leave him with my husband and get out and about. I’ve also started stocking up in the freezer for when I head back to work.

I am definitely going to tell my friends about all the hard parts when they have babies. I hate the fact that we are told ‘breast is best’ and yet there is so little support and information out there for mums. I honestly thought that it would all just happen naturally. I am enjoying breastfeeding but still at times I find it hard. The fact that he is totally dependent on me is scary. I’d like to continue till at least 6 months - but whatever happens happens :)
Sorry this is so long! I started writing and couldn’t stop.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Smiles make everything better

This morning I woke upto my little man cooing and chatting to himself in his bassinet. Currently he is still sleeping in our room next to the bed in his bassinet so some mornings we are awoken with him happy as larry making these sounds.
Sometimes it's 4am - and I'm thinking to myself 'go back to sleep' but then you look at his sweet little face and he is so happy to see you - melts your heart.

So today as I watch all the devestation continuing to unfold in QLD - I'm taking in the small miracle that sits before me. Enjoying these precious moments I have with my family and remembering those who cannot.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Australia - What the!!!

I have literally been glued to the TV all day long - I just can not believe the devastation I am seeing.

For those of you not in Australia - We have Floods happening in Queensland - and it's going to get worse.
I have some family in Queensland and I' m praying that these floods stay away from their homes.

On the other side of Aus in Perth - Bush fires!

I am in awe of mother nature. 
I'm hoping that she eases up soon as there are little children, and families missing and feared dead.

To anyone who is in those areas - Keep Safe.

To those who are not in those areas please give what you can. 
Officeworks are accepting clothing, blankets etc. 
But you can donate some moola which will help those in need.

Thinking of all those Aussies who are in the middle of these natural diasters :(


Sunday, January 9, 2011

So it's like that huh??

This might be a long post - I want to tell you a story about a friend of mine :)

At high school There were 6 of us in my main friendship group - We were all friends, and at different stages over the past 17 years I have been closer to a few of them.
In high school I also had some other friends that weren't really part of this main group. One of those girls (we'll call her Sam) I would consider one of my best friends to this day. I've been through heaps with Sam and her family. When her parents were getting divorced she spent the holidays with my family, we regularly stayed at each others houses and I guess you could say we were always on the same wavelength. Well that's what I thought anyways.....

Sam is one of those friends to me that people often talk about. That friend who you might not see or speak to for 6 months, but when you it's like you spoke to them yesterday. They just seem to 'get' you.

Three years ago Sam had a baby and I couldn't have been happier for her. By this stage I had moved about an hour or so away from where we had grown up, and she had also moved about 30 minutes further into the country. I guess I'm trying to paint a picture here - Let's just say it was an 'effort' to get to her new place.
I worked full time, but I still made the 'effort' to get there and visit her and her gorgeous bub. This kid had spunk, so cute and an awesome little personality! I loved spending time with them. Unfortunately when the bub was about 6 months old Sam and her partner had a bit of financial trouble and they moved back closer to the suburbs we had grown up.

It was at this point for me that the friendship escalated. I supported her through the situation, took days off work to help her, bought groceries for her, and spent lots on her bub - buying clothes etc.  I'm sure you get what I'm trying to say here - I was there for her, no matter what.

B and I  were engaged and living together at this point. We were saving for a house deposit and I was organising our wedding. He didn't really agree with me buying stuff for Sam - but I didn't care. My friend needed me.

I never realised how much Sam let me down until B pointed it out one day. We were getting ready to go out for dinner to celebrate my birthday with friends when my mobile beeped for an SMS. B called out "Sam's not coming". I had my phone with me - he wasn't reading the text - he just knew. He pointed out the last 5 or so significant events in my life, birthdays, engagement party, hen's night. 'Was she there?'. It was the same story each time. A text an hour or so beforehand cancelling.I made excuses for her - 'she has bad health' and our night went on.

Fast forward 3 years - I have a new baby - weird thing is our bubs have the same birthdate.
I still live an hour or so away from her. She is a stay at home Mum.
How many times has she seen the little guy? Once.
I know people get busy, I know I live an hour away, but once??
Again with the excuses - I'm scared to drive on the freeway, I get lost coming to your place...... and yet on FB I see that she has been to the beach (which is 15 minutes from my place), the Zoo (I'm in the same suburb)......

B tells me to give up on her, cut the friendship loose - 'Why are you still spending so much on presents for her kid?', 'it's not reciprocated and shes taking advantage of you!'.

Is she? I don't know.

17 years of friendship.........

Do I let go?


Friday, January 7, 2011

For Lori :(

I'm writing this blog as a show of support for Lori,

Sending all my love and best wishes to her at this incredibly hard time - Lori from RRSAHM posted yesterday that her husband Tony is in ICU fighting for his life.

They have two small children and as a mother I cannot imagine the hell she is going through at the moment :(

So if you are reading this - make a wish and send your love to Lori and her family tonight.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How do you enjoy "me time"????

When I am at home with the little man all day, I sometimes just crave some time to myself, which is why I will happily hand him over as soon as his Daddy walks in the door. That and also I love the way B acts around the little man, makes me realise why I love him.

So last night my little man woke at 3:40am. The last few weeks he has been sleeping through which has been AWESOME! I know I'm lucky, but I have kind of gotten used to it so I found last night hard. Especially because B usually wakes up early and goes fishing or to the gym because he's on holidays, so no matter what time the little guy wakes I have to get up to him regardless of the sleep or lack thereof I've had.

So B says this morning "I'll take the little guy for a walk so you can sleep in". Fantastic I thought to myself - but instead the whole time they have been gone I have been wondering when they'll be back! The house is so quiet - I want to hear the little man chattering and laughing!

Why can't I enjoy this "me time" when I finally get it?


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gym Motivation

I have never been a regular gym go-er. I get inspired. I join. I go for about 3 weeks then spend the next 11 months of the contract sporadically attending just so as I don't feel like I'm throwing money down the drain.

Last January I had some of this motivation - I got my sister-in-law to join my gym, and I was attending daily, mainly because I was on my 6 week holidays from work and it was easier to find the time.

Then came February - back to work. I was adamant that I would still go after work each day. Week One I took my gym bag to work every day and managed to attend once. FAIL.

I was feeling soooooooooooooooo tired after work. I had a little boy with Aspergers Syndrome in my class and he was lashing out physically, so I felt as though I was using every bit of my energy on this child. I would literally come home from work so exhausted that I was asleep by 7pm.

Enter Pregnancy :) Yes we were actively trying to get pregnant but I honestly didn't think it would happen so fast, and genuinely didn't think this was the reason for my extreme exhaustion! I did a home test on the 11th Feb - and it was positive. I then has nausea on and off for the next few weeks, and my motivation for the gym pretty much disappeared.

I think that I had a pretty easy pregnancy really, particularly when I read or speak to others about their experiences. So what I'm saying is there was really no physical reason for me to not attend the gym. I simply chose not to....

So here we are almost 12 months later and I'm trying to find that spark to get back to being motivated. I have been going to the gym for the past 3 weeks. I generally go every day after I put bubs to bed of a night - Just doing an hour of cardio to get some sort of fitness level back. I also got my husband to buy me a Wii for Christmas so I can use Wii Fit (I can count on one hand how many times this has happened).
As for results - Well I don't really expect to see many seen as I am eating like a pig :) I love food! but at least I have more energy!

So my questions to you are - How do you maintain motivation? do you have some yummy recipes that won't pack on the kilos? Do you have an eating plan that works for you?


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home security...... Lesson learnt

Well I haven't posted in a while - To say it's been nuts around here is an understatement.
With all the Christmas and birthdays and other events we had going on in December we also got robbed.

Yep Christmas Eve - Decided to take bub to visit my hairdresser (who is also my best friends mum). Anyways we visited her for about an hour then because it was bubs first xmas and I was trying to balance out the grinch in the house I wanted to pick up a nice christmas carol CD from the plaza, and also the ingredients to make a pavlova. Yum!

So we did that and then headed home. Our house has an alarm (I've never used it), Deadlocks on all doors ( I never use) and a drive through garage which has a lockable rear roller door and internal door (access to house). So we pull up in the driveway click the remote for the garage door, then husband gets the shopping and heads inside while I get all the baby stuff + baby out. As I walk into the garage my husband comes out and says "people have been in our house" I'm like "what?!?" he proceeds to head off down the street and I stand there dumbfounded till he came back.

When I walked inside I seriously could have cried - Me having so much christmas spirit and trying to make our first christmas with bubs so special, being so organised I had already purchased and wrapped all my presents under the tree (It is rare for me to be organised!!!) and I walk in the house and find they have all been ripped open and there is crap everywhere..... and presents missing :(

So upon further investigations I found that my bedroom had been torn apart, I mean literally my underwear everywhere, clothes all pulled from my WIR and numerous other things. Then I remembered my rings. The night before in bed I had removed my wedding and engagement rings and placed them on the bedhead - and of course the one day of the year where I had forgotten to put them on, some a-hole came and stole them. They took EVERYTHING gold from my jewellery collection. I honestly didn't care too much about the jewellery or anything else they stole. Just the rings.
My Great grandmother passed away when I was 11 and gave me her wedding ring. It caused quite a bit of controversy in my family, because there were other family members who thought they should have recieved it and so on. Anyway when I got married in 2008 I had her ring remade into my wedding band so that the diamonds and gold etc could be worn. I am so upset that it was stolen!

So how did they get in? - They walked in. We left the roller door open because my husbands boat was hooked up to the car, and the internal door to the house wasn't locked. How dumb. I can't believe we were that lazy not to lock the doors, and then obviously someone around here saw that, jumped the fence and here we are.

We are lucky in the sense that our house wasn't totally trashed, and in the grand scheme of things they didn't get a whole lot, we think we interupted them when we came home as they had bags set up around the house ready to go. I just hate the fact that someone has been through ALL my stuff, someone knows exactly what we have in our house....

I don't feel safe. I lock doors compulsively. I hate being the first one to get home, so I rarely go out without my husband.
This is not me. I am independent. I am strong. I don't get scared easily.
Hope it doesn't last.
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