What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Home security...... Lesson learnt

Well I haven't posted in a while - To say it's been nuts around here is an understatement.
With all the Christmas and birthdays and other events we had going on in December we also got robbed.

Yep Christmas Eve - Decided to take bub to visit my hairdresser (who is also my best friends mum). Anyways we visited her for about an hour then because it was bubs first xmas and I was trying to balance out the grinch in the house I wanted to pick up a nice christmas carol CD from the plaza, and also the ingredients to make a pavlova. Yum!

So we did that and then headed home. Our house has an alarm (I've never used it), Deadlocks on all doors ( I never use) and a drive through garage which has a lockable rear roller door and internal door (access to house). So we pull up in the driveway click the remote for the garage door, then husband gets the shopping and heads inside while I get all the baby stuff + baby out. As I walk into the garage my husband comes out and says "people have been in our house" I'm like "what?!?" he proceeds to head off down the street and I stand there dumbfounded till he came back.

When I walked inside I seriously could have cried - Me having so much christmas spirit and trying to make our first christmas with bubs so special, being so organised I had already purchased and wrapped all my presents under the tree (It is rare for me to be organised!!!) and I walk in the house and find they have all been ripped open and there is crap everywhere..... and presents missing :(

So upon further investigations I found that my bedroom had been torn apart, I mean literally my underwear everywhere, clothes all pulled from my WIR and numerous other things. Then I remembered my rings. The night before in bed I had removed my wedding and engagement rings and placed them on the bedhead - and of course the one day of the year where I had forgotten to put them on, some a-hole came and stole them. They took EVERYTHING gold from my jewellery collection. I honestly didn't care too much about the jewellery or anything else they stole. Just the rings.
My Great grandmother passed away when I was 11 and gave me her wedding ring. It caused quite a bit of controversy in my family, because there were other family members who thought they should have recieved it and so on. Anyway when I got married in 2008 I had her ring remade into my wedding band so that the diamonds and gold etc could be worn. I am so upset that it was stolen!

So how did they get in? - They walked in. We left the roller door open because my husbands boat was hooked up to the car, and the internal door to the house wasn't locked. How dumb. I can't believe we were that lazy not to lock the doors, and then obviously someone around here saw that, jumped the fence and here we are.

We are lucky in the sense that our house wasn't totally trashed, and in the grand scheme of things they didn't get a whole lot, we think we interupted them when we came home as they had bags set up around the house ready to go. I just hate the fact that someone has been through ALL my stuff, someone knows exactly what we have in our house....

I don't feel safe. I lock doors compulsively. I hate being the first one to get home, so I rarely go out without my husband.
This is not me. I am independent. I am strong. I don't get scared easily.
Hope it doesn't last.


  1. :-( that's horrible. I can't imagin what that's like. I hope you get your ring back or stumble across it one day. I'm a little slack with security, but after reading this I'll be locking everything religiously.

  2. Oh gosh, that's just awful! I am so sorry. That feeling of being violated...terrible.

  3. That sucks! We were robbed 2 days before christmas when I was 16 and they got through my bedroom window and took everything...oh except a box of Tampax! Hope the a-holes that broke in to your home get what's coming to them!


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