What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Monday, July 2, 2012

So many things to write, don't know where to start!

2012 has become a busy, busy year!

I/We have......

  • Decided to become Foster Parents :) A really full on training and accreditation process has been endured but we are almost there and are so excited about being able to hopefully make a difference.
  • Started my fitness/training again and really getting into it, and results are starting to show!
  • Taken on a role as a consultant selling Cloth Nappies - for baby BeeHinds! so if you know anyone wanting to get started on using cloth!! refer refer refer :)
  • Started to nanny for a family one day a week!
  • Decided to get a bigger car - a follow on from Foster caring and nannying and extending our family ;)
  • Crazily made the decision to buy a new house....... maybe keeping this one as well as an investment.. fingers crossed xx
  • Begun to plan a new bubba
  • Also I am now an Aunt which is super fun!
And of course in amongst all that I'm still working as a teacher part time, a wife to B, a mumma to the Little Monkey and full time house keeper!

What is keeping you busy?

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