What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How do you enjoy "me time"????

When I am at home with the little man all day, I sometimes just crave some time to myself, which is why I will happily hand him over as soon as his Daddy walks in the door. That and also I love the way B acts around the little man, makes me realise why I love him.

So last night my little man woke at 3:40am. The last few weeks he has been sleeping through which has been AWESOME! I know I'm lucky, but I have kind of gotten used to it so I found last night hard. Especially because B usually wakes up early and goes fishing or to the gym because he's on holidays, so no matter what time the little guy wakes I have to get up to him regardless of the sleep or lack thereof I've had.

So B says this morning "I'll take the little guy for a walk so you can sleep in". Fantastic I thought to myself - but instead the whole time they have been gone I have been wondering when they'll be back! The house is so quiet - I want to hear the little man chattering and laughing!

Why can't I enjoy this "me time" when I finally get it?


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  1. This made me smile - I do exactly the same thing. Whenever HH gives me some time to myself I spend the whole time worrying/feeling guilty or doing housework to prove I've been productive & then HH is disappointed that I didn't take the time "out". The other week HH had some time out and spent the whole time doing errands and when I found out I felt really disappointed to. It made me realise that when he has the kids, not only is he fine & do they have fun, that he WANTS me to get a recharge and it's actually a wasted opportunity if I don't. Now, the challenge is actually to make the most of it!


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