What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Teeth - you are ruining my weekend

I hate teeth.

There are many reasons why - I guess it goes back to being a child and having to visit that smelly dental van that came to your primary school.
Then when I had a massive toothache in high school and had to get a root canal.
Then again when I went on Christmas holidays to Merimbula and had a toothache for 3 days, couldn't sleep, eat, or see a dentist as Christmas and boxing day were on the weekend so the Monday/Tuesday were public holidays... my oh my I still remember that pain.

But most of all I hate teeth because of the little man. I can't stand seeing him in pain. This would honestly be the worst part of parenting by far. Seeing your child in pain breaks your heart. EVERY TIME.
He is such a happy bub most of the time, and generally gets through teething fairly well (or he did last time). But this time he has been dealt a cruel blow. This time he is getting 4 top teeth. At once. This has been happening for about a week and a half now. Little man will be happily playing and then all of a sudden screaming in pain. It's horrible.

Yesterday was the worst. B has been away with work this week so it makes it even more difficult (Respect to the parents who do this alone 100% of the time) because I'm the only one who can get up and console him. Teeth don't really care that I only had 2 hours sleep. Nor do they care that after trying to console him for an hour and a half (think constant screaming) I had to break my no co-sleeping rule. They also don't care that my baby is almost 10 kilos and is hard to restrain/hold tightly and cuddle.

I don't think the little man has fallen asleep in my arms since he was a wee little thing. But yesterday after crying his eyes out he did - bless him.

Ignore boobs - look at his poor red eyes :(
We don't have much planned this weekend thankfully but I do want to take the little man to the footy as he was ill last time we were going to go. Maybe this is a sign he isn't a footy fan!

So hurry the heck up please teeth! cut through and then leave the little man alone.


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