What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Time.... Where did you go?

Absent - I have been for a while. I have no excuse really. I'm back at work part time and honestly although it's only 3 days a week I seem to never have the time to get on here.

The brightside of that is that I relish the time that I have to spend with my little man now. I think becasue I am at work 3 days a week, the days I have with him I honestly can't get enough. We are out on playdates, shopping and generally just spending time together playing, laughing and enjoying life!

I find myself watching him sleeping and honestly as soppy as it may sound I marvel at this beautiful person that B and I have created. He is almost 7 months old now - developing his own personality and god he is gorgeous and so so cheeky.

It's amazing how much our lives have changed these past seven months - the little man has enriched our lives and also the lives of all around him for the better. His smile melts my heart!

So anywho - I'm back and PROMISE to be a better blogger now that I have everything sorted


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