What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

How much is too much?

So Fathers day is less than 10 days away - Is it wrong that I am so excited about it?

I decided to make B a photobook as his gift. It took FOREVER! I expected it to be a little time consuming (I made some for gifts at Christmas time) but it honestly took me a few days to complete. Mainly because now that the little man is 10 months old and on the move, I cannot just put him on the floor with a few toys - He is destructive and fast! but that is another post entirely...........

So basically I found all the photos of B and the little man as well as some of our favourites from the past 10 months and combined them with some captions written by the little guy (if he could string words together). I love it and I'm really hoping B feels the same way!
Then came all the fathers day catalogues..... So now I'm thinking do I need to get him something else? B is an active/outdoors kind of guy and has wanted a table tennis table for aggggggggggggggges.

We have never really had anywhere to store it though but now we have an undercover area out the back which would suit it well I think. So now I am contemplating getting him one but is it relevant? too much? should I wait until christmas? arghhhhhhhhhhhh

I really want to make the day special for B as he is such an awesome dad - So i'm thinking of heading to the beach with my little family and having a picnic :) Hope the weather holds up!

What are your fathers day ideas? Any family traditions for the day?


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