What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kudos to Cudo

I've admitted on here before that I am addicted to online shopping. Shoes, clothes, baby stuff! When the deals come straight to your inbox how can you not click BUY? They sound so great!

So I have a few daily emails with super dooper deals sent to me and I casually flick through and delete all the laser treatments and teeth whitening ones (which seem to be there almost daily) and ponder the food deals. I love food and B loves not spending money. ever. bargains. So way back in March I bought a deal for a restaurant in St Kilda. Now I may or may not have already let one of these deals expire so I decided I would not let that happen again and have called a few times to try and get a booking - but nights free of the little man are rare (which is how I like it) and they have been booked out when I have called.

The last time I called, the friendly waiter dude told me to try mid week as you didn't need to book so far in advance. Nice tip :) So yesterday my childcare plans for tomorrow fell through and I had to make other arrangements which needed to include the little man sleeping at his grandparents place which is over an hour away as there is no chance of dropping him off before work. So suddenly B and I had this 'free week night' that the waited dude had spoken of. So I booked and off we went.

I tried to take a photo of the Melbourne skyline on the drive in but iphone and dirty car windows made it almost impossible. B attempted to warn me annoyed me by telling me it wouldn't work so I am posting this photo in spite of him and to maybe try and prove a point even though I know it looks terrible.

The voucher was $39 - but I had a ten dollars off coupon so paid only $29. This entitled us to a antipasto tasting plate, two mains, two desserts and a bottle of wine. I thought it sounded pretty good!

B and I have never been huge on the eating out - I think it was because we lived together early on so we never had much to discuss at dinner, so we'd eat and leave quickly. Since having the little man in our lives we probably value that time more though and it was lovely to just sit for a couple of hours and chat uninterrupted.

The food was delicious! I had a steak with some yummy potatoes and B went for a beef stroganoff. Usually he chooses whatever meal he thinks will be the biggest - he's a tight ass value for money kind of guy :)

I really enjoyed relaxing with B and was very impressed with the quality and quantity of the meal. The suckered me in with a chocolate mousse at the end too. Ahhh well gym tomorrow.........

I'm off to find my next online deal!

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  1. Oh, I know, I'm addicted to those deals as well. They've made some awesome birthday presents!! Sounds like you had a really nice night out- you deserved it!


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