What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A little dose of Sunshine

This week Melbourne has turned on the weather and it has been fantastic! I'm the first to admit that I hate winter so having 5+ 20 degree days smack bang in the middle of it has been quite enjoyable.

Before I had the little man in my life I think my hate for winter wasn't as passionate but as any parents out there would know - with winter comes sickness and to be honest I am SO over having a house full of snot :) The little man has had an on/off runny nose and cough since April and for want of a better word it SUCKS!

So because of the never ceasing sickness and lack of sunshine over the past few months there have been few opportunities to get outside and enjoy the weather. Last Saturday with the sunshine gods turning it on B and I decided to take the little man for a play at the park - and also to suss out a place suitable to have his birthday party.

We packed the pram and some lunch, tried to find a hat that fit the little man and off we set. The place we found would be perfect if it wasn't for all the graffiti (note to self - email council about that). It has a BBQ area and seating and an awesome playground for the kidlets. The most important part though was that the little man gave his tick of approval.

It was only his second trip to the park - but I think that he is definitely going to be an outdoorsy kid! He had so much fun bouncing around, sliding and even playing in the sand.Afterwards we took him for a nice walk around the lake, it was a lovely family day out in the sunshine. I am so looking forward to many more of these throughout summer!

The sunshine this week got me thinking about how a little vitamin D improves my mood. I found it easy to get out of bed every morning and hit up the gym (something that I constantly battle with) which in turn increased my motivation and energy levels! I had such a lovely week - but am I the only one who feels these effects from sunshine and beautiful weather? Anyone else have these feelings?

Keep it up Melbourne - I'm loving it


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  1. We too have had a glorious week. I already feel the spring in my step xx


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