What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Place & Yours

So like apparently I'm a week behind......

Well here is this weeks actual MPAY  - playing along with Danielle @ HelloOwl

This weeks theme is: One Thing.

Your house is on fire. The family is out. The photos are packed in the car and your brother has just came around with his ute. You have time to save one thing from your house {big or small}, just one thing. 
What do you save and why? 

Well I'm assuming that B, little man and the two kittens are in the ute already - If I had time to save one thing it would be......

Yep that is an external hard drive. I told B about this post and that this was what I would save. He thought it was stupid, but my reasons are quite legit I think. (He thinks I want it because I have all my TV shows on there...).

1. When we got robbed :( I backed up all my files and put them on this hard drive - vowing that every time I left the house I would put it into the little man's room so as it wasn't near my laptop in case it was stolen. (also because the nice Police Officer Lady told me that childrens rooms are rarely touched in robberies. Hot tip - hide your valuables there!)
2. ALL my little man photos are on here - It is the only back up I have at the moment
3. My work files are on there.... not that I care ATM.
4. My precious TV shows are all on here (B was a little bit correct). I am a TV addict. I have loads of shows downloaded, but rarely time to watch them nowadays thanks to my little man!

I figure that if I lost everything in a fire, my photos would be the possession that would devastate me most. B doesn't agree - he says all the memories that we need we hold in our minds. Very philosophical - but I like to look through my albums all the time.
I think I might actually burn some CD's and put them at my parents house just to be safe!!

So here is the part where you share what your one thing would be. Head over to HelloOwl and linky away!


P.S. For those of you wondering - I did ask B what his 'one thing' would be in this scenario.... his response was super quick - "My Boat of course" hmmmm I hate that boat - but that's a post for another time.....

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  1. I was so going to do the same thing!! I won't even travel long distances with ours in fear of something happening..though that may be a reflection of my driving :P

    Btw I hat my hubby's boat with a passion!


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