What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New moments

I've been MIA for a while now - What a busy few weeks I have had!

I felt a little lost to be honest, like I was trying to do too much (going back to work, being a mummy, blogging, seeing friends, doing household chores ) and didn't have enough time to do anything completely or properly - to my own satisfaction. So I let some things slide (this blog being one of them) and re focused my attention on the things I needed to do!

But I'm back - my head is straight and I want to share some exciting things that have been happening in my life! (things that I find exciting anyway!)

My little man is almost 5 months old now and it seems like he is learning new things almost daily - such an exciting time for myself and B.

A few weeks ago I got some new toys out of the cupboard for the little man (He was VERY spoilt at Christmas and I put most of the things away). One of these was a little xylophone/piano thing that he got from his Aunty. We unwrapped it and showed him how to use it - played with it together..... Honestly it was kind of a fizzer - he was totally not interested.

Fast forward a few weeks later and B and the little man were going through their normal nightly routine - play - bath - feed - bed. I was getting dinner ready when B yelled out to me and asked me to bring the camera. I walked into the little mans room and saw him playing himself! B said that he had just reached for it and started playing :)

It's these new moments that we are sharing with him that constantly bring a smile to my face! I love watching him learn and grow - Such beautiful times ahead.

Warning - He is trying to get moving!!!! I need to baby proof this house pronto!!!

Are there any other new moments you've shared? What's bring a smile to your face this week?


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