What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Place & Yours

Each week I am a big fan of playing along with Dani over at Hello Owl in a game she calls My Place & Yours. Basically she gives us a theme and then we show her different parts of our houses etc. You then link up your post with hers and you can also click on other blogger links and find some new reads along the way.

This weeks theme is books which I am loving! I am a bookworm, I won't deny it. I love love love reading and coincidentally have spent my free time this week reading books - and spending less of my nights on the internet. I'm finding it's helping me relax but it's also getting me into bed earlier....

I must also confess that I am a speed reader.... I can't help but skim the text for interesting parts. I also reread a lot of my books again. B hates that I buy so many books -he thinks I should join a library but I hate having time constraints and I also forget to return them and end up paying cashola for fines!

Being a teacher - I am really conscious of instilling a love of literacy in the little man way before he goes to school. Reading books to children and sharing in the experiencing of texts with them is so important from a young age, it really saddens me when I get students who don't even know which way books go, or how to turn pages etc :( ...

That being said here are my pics :)

 The pile of books in my bedroom I'm currently working my way through

 B's current read.......

 The little man's book collection - He's only 4 months old :)

 More of my messy books

 My teaching books

Yes I love books :) - what does your book collection look like?
Please share and join in with us!!


  1. Your book collection is inspiring (and not messy at all!). I'm currently figuring out where to put all my books, but it's a real challenge. I love your boy's book collection - you're never too young to get into reading! xx

  2. Is that an Ikea expedit that I can see there? I have one of those on my wishlist to store my evergrowing collection of books.

    I'm studying a primary teaching dip ed this year so was interested to spy your 'teaching books'.

    (I dropped by from My PLace and Yours).


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