What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fitness Procrastination - moving forward!

I have honestly felt like going for a run most days this week. "Great" you say..... well not so much as I haven't done it once! I am not really a big runner - never have been. I've always played competitive sports like netball, basketball and competed in the school athletics where I was always within the top three over short distances. I once decided to join an athletics club with a friend but quit after two weeks or so.

Before I got pregnant I completed a 6.5km 'fun run' with a friend down in Apollo Bay (Great Ocean Road). I had vowed to get fit and do lots of runs leading up to it but when push came to shove I literally only went once or twice and only for a max of 3kms. I completed the 6.5km run in 48mins I think - some of which entailed me walking up a freaking ginormous hill! I'll link the run here so you can see the track - big mistake to think the 6.5km would be easier to do - The steepness of that hill took a lot out of most competitors!

I have no idea where this sudden urge to run has come from, but I feel as though I really should get into gear and do it. I'm contemplating entering a few 'fun runs' this year as some sort of motivation to help me build up my running stamina and also because runs like the Mothers Day Classic  are a cause close to my heart.

So I'm thinking that I will try to use my blog as a diary to keep a record of my progress - seeing if I can post the runs that I do - slowly building up the distances, particularly because I am not feeling so fit post-baby. I probably should ease into it ;)

So here I go venturing out into the world of running :) Wish me luck!!!!


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