What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My place & yours

Another edition of my place and yours - playing along with Danielle over at Hello Owl

"This week I'd like to you to search deep into your home as I ask you ..where do you keep your tooth brush?"

My toothbrush huh - Well I'm not sure if I'm the only one out there but........ I have two! Shocking I know!!!

This one is kept in my shower - I bought these cool little travel holders and used them when I was in Thailand and now I just keep it in there permanently. They are awesome because they can suction to mirrors/tiles etc and they keep the toothbrush covered and clean when you chuck it in an travel bag!
I like to multitask so hence the toothbrush being in the shower :)

My second toothbrush is kept in my top drawer in the ensuite. Believe it or not this is a somewhat organised drawer. I only cleaned it out about 2 weeks ago! Anyway obviously you can see where the toothbrush is carefully chucked on top of the other bathroom necessities I keep!

Where do you keep yours?? Share your link on Hello Owl and find some other cool blogs there too!



  1. Hey, a fellow shower-brusher :)

  2. I can't shower brush.
    I have hot showers and the thought of not feeling the 'cold water' fresh in my mouth creeps me out a bit.
    I do love your little holder though :)

  3. I like the holder idea but I don't know if I could shower brush either after reading Tara's comment. I think I need cold water too. The only time I've ever brushed with warm water was in New Zealand in Winter!


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