What Is Important To Me?

What Is Important To Me?

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Night in the kitchen

Have you ever had those moments where you feel inspired to grab a recipe book and make something a little more interesting then the same old chicken and salad dinners? Yes? Well that was me tonight.

I must admit I do enjoy cooking. Particularly if it turns out deliciously tasty...... and I think I find it relaxing in an odd kind of way!

I had some apples that I wanted to turn into a dessert for the little man - and B and I had forgotten to take out any meat for dinner. So I grabbed a few cook books and after about 5 minutes of flicking through, decided upon a Beef Vindaloo from the CSIRO cookbook. I have made it before (burnt the bottom though) and decided it might be a better idea to stay close by this time :)

Concurrently I decided to whip up an apple and oatmeal dessert using a recipe I found on the wholesome baby food website. There is some really good stuff on there so if you are into making the food for your bub I recommend hitting it up!
So I sent B to the supermarket with the little man in tow and while they were gone I started on the apple dish.

Apple pieces and oats cooking slowly

With cinnamon added

Served up ready to go!
Then when B returned from the shops I started the 80 minute cooking process of the beef vindaloo. I took my laptop into the kitchen and cooked/facebooked/blogged all at once to pass the time. A tiny bit of 'me time'. Here are the results

simmering away

almost cooked and ready to serve

The finished product

B and I sat down to eat and he was suitably impressed. The taste was sort of sweetish with an added spiciness (if that is even a word).The two empty bowls proved the meal was a success. Cooking a meal from scratch did however make me realise that I'd like to try and do that more often, less processed and less preservatives - but also good for the soul...

Anyone else been on an adventure in the kitchen lately?


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  1. I love cooking and I try to make one new recipe a week. It doesn't always turn out that way but I love knowing that I have something planned.
    Your curry looks delicious.


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